HK Art Tutoring - 16 June, 2014

"New York-based artist Brendan Donleavy paints portraits that burst from the canvas. His large-scale images that overemphasise and exaggerate the form and fleshy tones aren’t dissimilar to the textures of Ron Mueck’s sculptures. They leave you wanting to touch and feel the curvaceous contours.
As a self-taught painter, Donleavy has developed his own style, incorporating elements of the Dutch masters in conjunction with contemporary techniques and mediums. Donleavy is up and coming, frequently exhibiting in and around New York."

BOOOOOOOM! - 12 September, 2013

"I met several artists while I was out in New York on the weekend, one of them was Brendan Donleavy. He doesn’t have a whole lot of work online at the moment but keep an eye on him. There’s a few more images below but they don’t do his work justice as he likes to go pretty large!"